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Cortinarius olympianus

Distribution: Varies in abundance from year to year

Habitat: Low to mid-elevation conifer forests

Conservation Status: Review Group 1 in Washington (WANHP)

Identification Notes:

Cortinarius olympianus is a spectacular medium-sized, glutinous-capped, pale lilac to pale pinkish lilac species. At times, however, it is merely whitish lilac or, in age, slightly yellowish on the center of the cap and then it is much less spectacular. The close to crowded gills are pale pinkish lilac and become brownish lilac in age. The base of the stipe has a broad, distinct bulb with a raised rim. C. olympianus can sometimes be found in groups, but not uncommonly is scattered across the forest floor as single fruitbodies. A drop of potassium hydroxide or ammonia turns the fruitbody brilliant red.

Accepted Name:
Cortinarius olympianus A.H. Sm.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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