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Erigeron strigosus
branched daisy, daisy fleabane
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Distribution: Widely distributed in Washington; widespread throughout much of North America.

Habitat: Moderately dry places at low to moderate elevations.

Flowers: May-October

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Mostly annual, 3-7 dm. tall, with scanty foliage.


Leaves all cauline, entire, linear to lanceolate.


Heads several to numerous, small; involucre 2.5-5 mm. high, hairy and somewhat glandular; rays 50-100, pistillate, white, up to 6 mm. long and 0.4-1 mm. wide; disk corollas 1.5-2.6 mm. long, yellow; pappus of 10-15 very fragile bristles and some short, slender scales, the bristles wanting in the ray flowers.

Accepted Name:
Erigeron strigosus Muhl. ex Willd.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
(none provided)
var. septentrionalis – prairie fleabane
var. strigosus – branching daisy, daisy fleabane    Widespread American weed, found in much of the United States
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