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Gentiana douglasiana
swamp gentian

Distribution: Narrow distribution in Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington; Alaska south to Washington.

Habitat: Bogs and tundra.

Flowers: July-September

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Sensitive in Washington (WANHP)


Annual, glabrous herbs, the freely-branching, distinctly-angled stems 5-20 cm. tall.


Basal leaves 5-15 mm. long, ovate to deltoid-obovate; cauline leaves opposite, few, ovate, 5-10 mm. long, attached to each other at the base.


Bracteate flowers on long pedicels arise for the axils of most of the leaves, the entire plant apparently one large inflorescence; calyx 4-6 mm. long, the 5 lobes acuminate, keeled, about half the length of the tube; corolla narrowly funnel-shaped, about twice the length of the calyx, the 5 lobes folded like a fan, with bifid projections in the sinuses; corolla tube whitish, the lobes blue on the back, about the length of the tube, oblong-lanceolate; stamens 5, attached mid-length in the corolla tube; ovary superior, without a stipe.


Capsule flattened and wing-margined, crested above.

Accepted Name:
Gentiana douglasiana Bong.
Publication: Mém. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint Pétersbourg (Sér. 7) 2(2): 156, pl. 6. 1832.

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