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Hydnotrya cerebriformis

Habitat: Mountain conifer forests

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Hydnotrya cerebriformis is a species of montane conifer forests. It has subspherical, lobed fruitbodies whose surface is pinkish to reddish brown and covered with fine short hairs. The interior is white to yellowish and composed of a series of narrow labyrinthine channels. The spherical and minutely roughened spores are produced in cylindrical asci on the surface of the walls. The odor is somewhat garlic-like, but is pungent and not at all enticing, even to garlic-lovers. It was powerful enough to escape several layers of containment in the refrigerator.

Accepted Name:
Hydnotrya cerebriformis Harkn.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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