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Hydnum repandum
yellow-toothed fungus, spreading hedgehog, wood hedgehog, hedgehog mushroom, sweet tooth

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Edibility: Popular edible


Popular edible

Identification Notes:

Hydnum repandum and the other hedgehogs are distinguished by their pale cream to creamy orangeish coloration, soft icicle-like spines on the caps, and soft texture of the flesh. This combination of features, plus their occurrence in forests, makes them easy to recognize. H. umbilicatum differs in generally being smaller and having a darker orangeish, distinctly umbilicate cap, longer, more slender stipe, and slightly larger spores (7.5--10 x 6--8.5 vs. 6.5--8.5 x 6--8.5 ┬Ám). H. rufescens differs in being somewhat smaller and having more intensely colored caps and paler stipes, and H. albidum differs mainly in its overall pale coloration; however, many mycologists feel these are only forms of H. repandum. All of these are very popular edibles.

Accepted Name:
Hydnum repandum L.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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