Impatiens glandulifera
policeman's helmet

Distribution: Introduced in western Washington and British Columbia

Habitat: Escaped from cultivation at low elevations

Flowers: July - September

Origin: Introduced from Asia

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Succulent annual, the stems 6-13 dm. tall, often purplish-tinged.


Leaves alternate, opposite or whorled, the petioles stout, 2-5 cm. long; leaf blades ovate-oblong to ovate-elliptic, 6-15 cm. long, sharply and closely serrate.


Flowers several on elongated axillary peduncles; sepals 3, the saccate sepal whitish to red, 2-3 cm. long, purplish-spotted, with a recurved spur 4-5 mm. long; lateral sepals smaller, purplish; petals 5, white to red, the upper one notched at the tip, the lateral ones much smaller, in unequal pairs.


Capsule 5-celled.

Accepted Name:
Impatiens glandulifera Royle
Publication: Ill. Bot. Himalaya Mts t. 28, fig. 2. 1834.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Impatiens glandulifera Royle f. pallidiflora (Hook. f.) Weath.
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