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Lachnellula arida

Distribution: Broad Broad

Spores: relatively broad (6--8 x 2.5--3.5 µm) spores

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Species of Lachnellula are very similar to those of Dasyscyphus, the main difference being microscopic---the paraphyses have narrow to slightly club-shaped tips in lachnellulas, whereas they are lance-shaped in dasyscyphuses; ecologically, they differ in lachnellulas being found only on conifers, whereas dasyscyphuses are found overwhelmingly on angiosperm wood or debris. All of the lachnellulas have a golden yellow to bright orange fertile surface and the species are differentiated by the color of the cup exterior, size and shape of spores, color and nature of the hairs and paraphyses, structure of the flesh, and type of wood inhabited. L. arida is distinguished by its brown exterior and hairs, relatively broad (6--8 x 2.5--3.5 µm) spores, and growth on the wood of true firs (Abies spp.).

Accepted Name:
Lachnellula arida (W. Phillips) Dennis

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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