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Lactarius kauffmanii

Distribution: Western

Habitat: Occurs with spruce and birch

Conservation Status: Not of concern


L. kauffmanii has white latex that dries grayish green and a viscid cap that is brown to dark brown with grayish or vinaceous tones, but not zoned. The gills are typically pale orange to light orange and stain brownish when cut or bruised. The stipe is viscid and light grayish orange or tan to vinaceous cinnamon, with distinctive dots. The taste is decidedly acrid.

Identification Notes:

In the past, Lactarius kauffmanii was often identified as L. trivialis (Fries: Fries) Fries, a species that occurs with spruce and birch in Europe. The two are similar in size and stature. L. trivialis differs primarily by its lighter color and pale cream latex that turns white paper yellow.

Accepted Name:
Lactarius kauffmanii Hesler & A.H. Sm.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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