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Leptosiphon nuttallii
Nuttall's linanthus

Distribution: In the Cascade and Blue Mountains of Washington; Washington south to California, east to Montana, Colorado and New Mexico.

Habitat: Open rocky slopes at mid- to high elevations in the mountains.

Flowers: June-August

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Perennial

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Sweetly aromatic perennial from a stout, woody taproot and branched crown, the numerous slender, simple stems up to 3 dm. tall.


Leaves sessile, opposite, palmately divided, the principle leaves 5- to 9-cleft into spinulose-tipped linear segments up to 2 cm. long, often with several smaller leaves in the axils.


Flowers sub-sessile in compact, leafy-bracteate clusters terminating the stems; calyx sub-herbaceous, 5-lobed, 6-9 mm. long; corolla creamy white, the slender tube equaling the calyx, the flaring limbs about 1 cm. wide; stamens 5, equally inserted; style 3-parted; ovary superior.


Capsule with 3 carpels; usually only 1 of the 2-4 seeds maturing in each carpel.

Accepted Name:
Leptosiphon nuttallii (A. Gray) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Gilia nuttallii A. Gray
Leptodactylon nuttallii (A. Gray) Rydb.
Linanthastrum nuttallii (A. Gray) Ewan [HC, IMF4]
Linanthus nuttallii (A. Gray) Greene ex Milliken
ssp. nuttallii – Nuttall's linanthus
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