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Luzula spicata ssp. spicata
spiked woodrush

Distribution: Alaska and British Columbia, the Olympics and Cascades of Washington, south to California, east to the Rocky Mountains.

Habitat: Open sloper, moraines, and river bars, subalpine to alpine.

Flowers: July - August

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Tufted, grass-like perennial, the slender stems 1-4 dm. tall.


Basal leaves several; stem leaves narrow, slender-pointed, 1-3 mm. broad.


Inflorescence a spikelike panicle 1-3 cm. long, usually nodding; involucral bract often less than 1 cm. long, always shorter than the panicle; perianth dark brown, the 6 segments 2-3 mm. long, acuminate; anthers 0.5 mm. long, shorter than the filaments.


Capsule shorter than the perianth.

Accepted Name:
Luzula spicata (L.) DC. ssp. spicata
Publication: In J. Lamarck and A. P. de Candolle, Fl. France, ed. 3. 1: 161. 1805.

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