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Packera macounii
Puget butterweed, long rayed groundsel, Macoun's groundsel, Siskiyou Mountain ragwort
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Distribution: West of the Cascades, British Columbia to southern Oregon, mostly in the Puget Trough.

Habitat: Open woods and dry, open places.

Flowers: May - July

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Threatened in Washington (WANHP)


Several-stemmed, robust perennial from a taproot, 2-7 dm. tall, thinly white-woolly throughout.


Basal leaves more or less tufted, narrowly oblanceolate, the blade 1-5 cm. long and 3-7 mm. wide, entire to sub-pinnately lobed, petiolate; other leaves few, stongly reduced upward, becoming bract-like.


Heads several in an open, somewhat flat-topped inflorescence; involucre 6-10 mm. high; rays 6-13 mm. long, yellow.



Accepted Name:
Packera macounii (Greene) W.A. Weber & Á. Löve
Publication: Phytologia. 49: 47. 1981. 1981.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Senecio macounii Greene [HC]
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