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Phleum alpinum
mountain Timothy

Distribution: Alaska east to Newfoundland, south in the subalpine regions of the mountains in most of western United States.

Habitat: Streambanks and meadows at higher elevations.

Flowers: Late June - August

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Perennial

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Tufted perennials, the culms 1.5-5 dm. tall, often decumbent


Sheaths open, glabrous; auricles small or lacking; ligules 1-3 mm. long, truncate and entire; blades flat, 4-7 mm. broad, scabrous on the margins.


Inflorescence a spike-like, cylindric panicle 1-4.5 cm. long; spikelets 1-flowered, strongly flattened; glumes pubescent, 3.5-4.5 mm. long, with a stout, terminal awn 1.5-2.5 mm. long; lemmas thin, 2-2.5 mm. long, puberulent, with 5 nerves prolonged into short teeth; palea subequal to the lemma, 2-nerved.

Accepted Name:
Phleum alpinum L.
Publication: Sp. Pl. 1: 59. 1753.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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