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Ramaria gelatinosa var. oregonensis
gelatinous coral, Oregon gelatinous coral, gelatinous coral mushroom

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Ramaria gelatinosa var. oregonensis is an easy species to identify if a fruitbody is cut in half. Uniquely among PNW species, the stipes are fused together and the flesh is translucent and gelatinous. Other species, such as R. flavigelatinosa, R. gelatiniaurantia, and R. sandaricina, are slightly gelatinous and could be confusing to one who has not seen R.g. var. oregonensis. R.g. var. oregonensis is a medium-sized orange species, with a yellow band on the upper stipe and yellow tips. It is often found close to logs or other large woody debris. It differs microscopically from R.g. var. gelatinosa enough that some mycologists feel it should be raised to species level. It appears to be restricted to the PNW.


The gelatinous ramarias cause diarrhea in most people and so all should be avoided.

Accepted Name:
Ramaria gelatinosa (Coker) Corner var. oregonensis Marr & D.E. Stuntz

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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