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Ramaria rasilispora var. rasilispora

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Identification Notes:

Ramaria rasilispora var. rasilispora is a very common member of the PNW’s spring mycota. It is a lovely pale yellow when fresh, although it often stays mostly buried and covered with soil, and can reach fairly large size. The stipe does not bruise brown and does not react with iron sulfate, but does exhibit a very slow, weak amyloid reaction. The spores are smooth or very finely warty and 8--11.5 x 3--4.5 µm, and the basidia have clamps at the base. R. rasilispora var. rasilispora often is hard to distinguish from R. magnipes, which is brighter colored when fresh and has slightly longer spores. R. rasilispora var. scatesiana differs in being somewhat paler colored, and occasionally occurring in fall, although it too is primarily a spring-fruiter. All of these are eaten by many people.

Accepted Name:
Ramaria rasilispora Marr & D.E. Stuntz var. rasilispora

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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