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Romanzoffia tracyi
Tracy's mistmaiden

Distribution: Along the coast in southwestern Washington; south to northern California.

Habitat: Coastal bluffs and rocks.

Flowers: March-April

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Slender, lax, herbaceous perennials, up to 1 dm. tall, with prominent brown-woolly tubers, the herbage with soft, glandular hairs.


Leaves mostly basal, the blades reniform-orbicular, 1-4 cm. wide, palmately veined and coarsely dentate; petioles well-developed, their bases expanding and overlapping; cauline leaves few and low on the stem, or none.


Inflorescence several-flowered, racemose, compact on naked peduncles, scarcely surpassing the leaves, the pedicels less than 1 cm. long; calyx divided nearly to the base, the 5 lobes long; corolla bell-shaped, 5-lobed, white with a yellow eye, 6-11 mm. long and wide; stamens 5; style 2-3 mm. long, 2-parted.


Capsule 2-celled, ovules numerous.

Accepted Name:
Romanzoffia tracyi Jeps.
Publication: A Flora of California 3: 296. 1943.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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