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Tricholoma virgatum
ashen knight, silver streaks, fibril Trich, streaked Trich, fibril Tricholoma

Conservation Status: Not of concern

Edibility: Not edible


Not edible

Identification Notes:

Tricholoma virgatum is characterized by its small-medium size, dry, silvery gray, somewhat shiny, streaky-fibrillose, pointed conical cap, very peppery or bitter taste, and growth with conifers. The radially streaky (virgate) nature of the cap surface sets it apart from most of the small to medium gray tricholomas, as they tend to have scaly caps. The closest look-alike probably is T. sciodes (Persoon) C. Martín, described as having pinkish to violaceous tones, less pointed cap, bitter but not peppery taste, and growth with beech and perhaps other broad-leaved trees. It has been collected in California by Orson and Hope Miller, but we are unaware of reports from the PNW. T. virgatum is another species that should be avoided by mycophagists.

Accepted Name:
Tricholoma virgatum (Fr.) P. Kumm.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
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