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Woodsia scopulina
cliff-fern, woodsia
Leaf blades and petioles are covered with thin white hairs.

Distribution: Alaska to California, chiefly east of the Cascade summits in Washington and Oregon

Habitat: Rock crevices, ledges and talus slopes in the mountains, and in less arid parts of the lowlands.

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Tufted perennial from a short scaly rhizome.


All basal, 2-3 times pinnate, 8-35 cm long, covered with white hairs.


Grouped into small round sori on undersides of leaves; indusia with narrow lobed segments.

Identification Notes:

The hairy leaves and narrowly lobed indusia separate this species from W. oregana, which has glabrous leaves and indusia with hair-like segments, and Cystopteris fragilis, which has glabrous leaves and a hood-like indusia partially covering the sori.

Accepted Name:
Woodsia scopulina D.C. Eaton
Publication: Canad. Naturalist & Quart. J. Sci. 2: 91. 1865.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
(none provided)
ssp. laurentiana – Laurentian cliff fern
ssp. scopulina – mountain fern, Rocky Mountain cliff fern
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