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Celastraceae[HC, HC2](Bittersweet Family)
ParnassiaceaeGrass of Parnassus Family




Family information last updated 10/21/2003 by Fred Weinmann.

Taxon (native taxa in boldface)
Common Names
# Synonyms
European spindle tree
0 synonyms
burning bush, western wahoo
0 synonyms
western wahoo
0 synonyms
Cascade grass-of-parnassus
0 synonyms
Cascade Grass-of-Parnassus
3 synonyms
fringed Grass-of-Parnassus, fringed grass of parnassus
1 synonym
Kotzebue's Grass-of-Parnassus
1 synonym
grass-of-parnassus, northern grass-of-parnassus
5 synonyms
small-flowered Grass-of-Parnassus
1 synonym
Oregon boxleaf
5 synonyms