Checklist » Hydrocharitaceae
Hydrocharitaceae[FNA22, HC, HC2](Frogbit Family, Tapegrass Family, Waterweed Family)
Najadaceae[FNA22, HC]Naiad Family, or Water-nymph Family

Notes: FNA editors insisted on following Cronquist (1981) in recognizing Najadaceae, and the author's introduction to Najadaceae in FNA (Haynes 2000) protested Cronquist's treatment was outdated, citing recent papers investigating seed coat (Shaffer-Fehre 1991) and molecular relationships (Les & Haynes 1995). That evidence places Najadaceae within Hydrocharitaceae. Here we combine the two, as in JPM.


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Family information last updated 10/21/2003 by Peter F. Zika.

Taxon (native taxa in boldface)
Common Names
# Synonyms
Brazilian waterweed, South American waterweed
1 synonym
Elodea canadensis Michx.[FNA22, HC, HC2]
Canadian waterweed, common waterweed, Rocky Mountain waterweed
2 synonyms
Nuttall's waterweed, western waterweed
1 synonym
hydrilla, water-thyme
1 synonym
European frog-bit
0 synonyms
smooth frogbit, South American sponge-plant
0 synonyms
Canadian water-nymph
0 synonyms
slender naias, nodding water-nymph, slender water-nymph
2 synonyms
Guadalupe water-nymph
1 synonym
ssp. guadalupensis[FNA22, HC2]
Guadalupe naias, common water-nymph, Guadalupe water-nymph
0 synonyms
wild celery, American eelgrass, tapegrass
3 synonyms