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Cardamine flexuosa With.[FNA7, HC2]
wavy bittercress

Publication: Arr. Brit. Pl. ed. 3. 3: 578. 1796.

Origin: Introduced from Eurasia

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Easily mistaken for native C. pensylvanica.

FNA7: "According to J. Lihová et al. (2006), the populations referred to Cardamine flexuosa in North America comprise two taxa of different polyploid origins and evolutionary histories: tetraploid C. flexuosa (2n = 32), native to Europe, and the octoploid taxon informally called "Asian C. flexuosa" (2n = 64), native to eastern Asia. For the latter, the name C. flexuosa subsp. debilis can be used. Nevertheless, these two taxa should be recognized at species level and the correct name for the Asian species should be sought. Based on available data, both taxa occupy the same habitats in North America, but the Asian taxon is much more widespread. The occurrence of European C. flexuosa was, until now, confirmed only for Washington, where both taxa have been recorded. More detailed studies of the North American distributions of both these weeds are needed."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Cardamine flexuosa With. ssp. debilis O.E. Schulz
Cardamine flexuosa With. var. debilis (O.E. Schulz) T.Y. Cheo & R.C. Fang
Cardamine hirsuta L. ssp. flexuosa (With.) F.B. Forbes & Hemsl.
Cardamine scutata Thunb. ssp. flexuosa (With.) H. Hara