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Carex chordorrhiza Ehrh. ex L. f.[FNA23, HC2, SPNW]
cordroot sedge, creeping sedge, rope-root sedge

Publication: Suppl. Pl. 414. 1782.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: Not in H&C. FNA says this species does not occur in WA but WTU has vouchers collected from Okanogan County. Also recorded by Peter Zika as an introduced species in cranberry bogs in Oregon.

FNA23: "Easily overlooked, Carex chordorrhiza is uncommon and local in much of its range, especially in districts with predominantly acidic soils. However, it can form extensive stands and be a dominant species in some boreal wetlands. Oregon collections represent occurrences in commercial cranberry bogs and are presumably introductions.

The rhizomes are short and rarely collected; the leafy vegetative stems elongate dramatically as the season progresses. At first erect to ascending, the stems eventually lie flat and next season send out roots and shoots from the nodes. These horizontal stems typically become overgrown by moss or form networks in shallow water, thus appear to be rhizomes."

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