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Cyperus strigosus L.[FNA23, HC, HC2]
false flatsedge, straw-colored flatsedge

Publication: Sp. Pl. 1: 47. 1753.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA23: "Cyperus strigosus is usually among the more common Cyperus species throughout its range. Small individuals flowering the first year may be difficult to distinguish from C. polystachyos, C. odoratus, C. erythrorhizos, and C. esculentus, which may be sympatric. Cyperus strigosus has trigonous achenes and three stigmas, unlike C. polystachyos; C. strigosus has flattened spikelets, unlike the subcylindric ones of C. odoratus; C. strigosus has floral scales usually 3 mm or more, unlike the smaller (1.2–1.5 mm) ones of C. erythrorhizos; C. strigosus has deciduous floral scales and a cormlike stem base with stolons, unlike C. esculentus.

Cyperus strigosus appears to be closely related to the neotropical C. camphoratus Liebmann; both species have deciduous floral scales and deciduous spikelets (G. C. Tucker 1994). Plants segregated as C. stenolepis cannot be distinguished consistently from C. strigosus on any single charcter, rather they appear to be merely large individuals of C. strigosus with long floral scales and frequently septate inflorescence bracts (M. L. Horvat 1941)."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Cyperus hansenii Britton
Cyperus stenolepis Torr.
Cyperus strigosus L. var. hansenii (Britton) Kük.
Mariscus stenolepis (Torr.) C.B. Clarke
Mariscus strigosus (L.) C.B. Clarke