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Erigeron nivalis Nutt.[FNA20, HC2]

Publication: Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., n. s. 7: 311. 1841.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA20: "Erigeron nivalis usually has been treated as an infra-specific taxon within E. acris; the two are broadly sympatric in the northwestern United States and Canada without obvious intergrades. Both occur over a wide range of elevations and in similar habitats. Erigeron nivalis probably occurs in Nevada; it has not been taxonomically distinguished there. Erigeron scotteri was regarded by E. H. Moss and J. G. Packer (1983) as a synonym of E. acris (presumably var. debilis = E. nivalis; the heads are relatively small and borne singly)."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Erigeron acris L. ssp. debilis (A. Gray) Piper
Erigeron acris L. var. debilis A. Gray[HC]
Trimorpha acris (L.) Gray var. debilis (A. Gray) G.L. Nesom