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Rhododendron menziesii Craven[HC2]
false azalea, fool's huckleberry, rusty menziesia

Publication: Blumea 56(1): 34. (16 Mar 2011). 2011.

Origin: Native

selected vouchers: WTU

Notes: FNA8 (for Menziesia ferruginea): Two infraspecific taxa have been recognized and are still in use in some floras. Neither chemical (B. A. Bohm et al. 1984) nor morphological (J. C. Hickman and M. P. Johnson 1969) analyses have unequivocally supported the recognition of these infraspecific taxa. Character differences between var. ferruginea of coastal areas and the Cascade Mountains and var. glabella of the Rocky Mountains are most noticeable between specimens from the extremes of their ranges. Heterogeneity in character states is seen throughout the geographic range of Menziesia ferruginea and intermediate specimens are noticeable, particularly in the more southerly Cascade portion of the range."

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Synonyms & Misapplied Names:
Menziesia ferruginea Sm. ssp. ferruginea
Menziesia ferruginea Sm. ssp. glabella (A. Gray) Calder & Roy L. Taylor
Menziesia ferruginea Sm. var. ferruginea[HC]
Menziesia ferruginea Sm. var. glabella (A. Gray) M. Peck[HC]
Menziesia glabella A. Gray