Adder's-Tongue Family
4 genera
16 species
4 subspecies and varieties
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Botrychium ascendensupswept moonwort
Origin: Native
var. lineare – narrow-leaf grapefern, slender moonwort
Botrychium crenulatumdainty moonwort, scalloped moonwort
Distribution: East Cascades in northern Washington; British Columbia to California, east to Montana and Arizona
Habitat: Mesic meadows, fen margins, and streamsides under Thuja plicata, at montane elevations.
Origin: Native
Spores: June-August
Botrychium hesperiumwestern moonwort
Origin: Native
Botrychium lanceolatumlance-leaved grapefern, red triangle moonwort
Distribution: Circumboreal, extending south to southern Washington and Pennsylvania
Habitat: Moist or wet places in the mountains, occasionally to high elevations
Origin: Native
Botrychium michiganenseMichigan moonwort
Distribution: Scattered in Western North America and eastward to the Great Lakes; in Washington known from the northeast corner of the state.
Habitat: Mesic montane meadows.
Origin: Native
Botrychium minganenseMingan moonwort
Distribution: Alaska to California, east to Colorado and to Maine across the northern tier of states
Origin: Native
Botrychium montanumwestern goblin, mountain moonwort
Distribution: British Columbia to California, east to Montana
Origin: Native
Botrychium neolunariacommon moonwort
Origin: Native
Botrychium paradoxumparadox moonwort, two-spiked moonwort
Origin: Native
Botrychium pedunculosumstalked moonwort
Origin: Native
Botrychium pinnatumnorthwestern moonwort, St. John
Distribution: Alaska to Washington and the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon
Habitat: Moist or wet, mostly open places at fairly high elevations in the mountains
Origin: Native
Botrychium simplexleast moonwort
Origin: Native
var. simplex – little grapefern, least moonwort
Botrychium viridegreen triangle moonwort
Origin: Native
Botrypus virginianusrattlesnake fern, common grapefern, Virginia grapefern
Distribution: Throughout the United States and Canada; chiefly in southern British Columbia and northern Idaho in the Pacific Northwest
Habitat: Moist woods and thickets, seldom in meadows, valleys to mid-elevations in the mountains
Origin: Native
Ophioglossum pusillumnorthern adder's-tongue
Distribution: Alaska to California, and Montana east to Maine and Virginia
Habitat: Meadows and woods at moderate elevations in the mountains
Origin: Native
Sceptridium multifidumleathery grapefern
Origin: Native