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Boletus barrowsiiwhite king bolete
Distribution: Southwest United States
Habitat: Under ponderosa pines
Boletus calopusbitter beech bolete, bitter bolete
Boletus chrysenteroncracked-cap bolete, red-cracked bolete, red-cracking bolete, yellow-fleshed Boletus
Distribution: Common in conifer forests.
Habitat: B. chrysenteron can be found in forested areas, on the edges of woods, and in urban habitats, such as parks.
Boletus coniferarumconifer Boletus
Habitat: Low- to mid-elevation conifer forests
Boletus eastwoodiaeAlice Eastwood's Boletus
Boletus edulisking bolete, penny bun, cep, porcini, steinpilz
Habitat: Occurs with conifers.
Boletus fibrillosus
Distribution: Widespread in the PNW
Habitat: Occurs in old-growth forests of fir and western hemlock as well as earlier succession forests of western hemlock and Douglas-fir and other mixed forest stands.
Boletus luridiformisred-stalked bolete, scarletina bolete, slender red-pored bolete
Boletus pulcherrimusred-pored bolete
Boletus regineusqueen bolete
Boletus rex-verisspring king bolete, spring king
Boletus rubellusruby bolete
Habitat: Grassy areas, mossy lawns, or along the edges of trails, always near trees such as oaks, cottonwood, willow, and basswood or linden.
Boletus rubripesbitter bolete, red-stemmed bitter bolete
Distribution: Widespread but not particularly common in the PNW region.
Habitat: It was described from coastal conifer and mixed forests in California, but in the PNW, occurs in montane conifer forests.
Boletus smithiiSmith's Boletus
Boletus subtomentosusboring brown bolete, suede bolete, yellow-cracked bolete
Boletus zelleriZeller's bolete
Distribution: Common in coastal and low elevation conifer forests.
Habitat: Occurs in urban areas, parks, along trails, and in other areas where conifers occur.