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Vicia americana
American vetch
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Distribution: Widely distributed througout much of Washington; widely distributed throughout most of North America except the southeastern U.S.

Habitat: Forest openings from low to mid-elevations in the mountains.

Flowers: May-July

Origin: Native

Conservation Status: Not of concern


Variable species, nearly glabrous to densely pubescent perennial, the angled stems 1.5-8 dm. tall, trailing to erect.


Leaves pinnate, with a terminal simple or branched tendril; leaflets 8-12, linear to oval, thin to leathery, sub-glabrous to densely pubescent, acute to truncate or occasionally 3-toothed, 1-3 cm. long, with a needle-like tip; stipules crescent-shaped, 3-8 mm. long, deeply lacerate.


Inflorescence of loose, axillary racemes, with 4-10 bluish-purple flowers 12-25 mm. long; calyx 1/3 as long as the corolla, the 5 teeth half the length of the tube; corolla pea-like, the wings longer than the keel and joined with it near mid-length; style densely bearded at the tip.


Pod 2.5-3.5 cm. long, flattened.

Accepted Name:
Vicia americana Muhl. ex Willd.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
(none provided)
var. americana – American vetch
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