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Camarophyllopsis foetensstinking fanvault
Description: Camarophyllopsis foetens forms caps that are convex, becoming flat or weakly depressed. The cap surface is smooth, pale gray-brown to brown. The gills are distant, decurrent, and cap-colored. The stem is smooth, tapering to the base, ocher-brown to cap-colored.
Habitat: pasture, mossy lawns, or woodlands
Substrate: moss and grass
Clavaria acutapointed club
Description: Clavaria acuta is a small pure white terrestrial club that grows as scattered individuals or fused pairs or trios. Often the clubs exhibit a translucent stipe with a whiter upper fertile portion.
Habitat: Clavaria acuta usually occurs on bare soil in somewhat disturbed areas.
Clavaria fragiliswhite spindles
Description: Clavaria fragilis produces smooth, tubular or slightly flattened, unbranched fruitbodies with pointed tips. they normally grow gregariously in large clusters. As the common name indicates, they are white, sometimes yellowing or browning at the tips when old.
Habitat: grassland and wodland
Substrate: moss and grass or leaf litter
Clavaria fumosasmoky clavaria, smoky spindles
Origin: Native
Clavaria rosearosy club coral, rose spindles
Description: Clavaria rosea oriduces smooth, tubular or flattened, unbranched fruitbodies that have pointed tips and an indistinct stem. The are bright rose-pink, paler or whitish toward the base. The flesh is hollow and very fragile.
Habitat: grassland or woodlands
Substrate: moss and grass or leaf litter
Clavulinopsis laeticolorhandsome club, golden fairy-club
Distribution: A widespread species, occurring across North America and in Europe and parts of Asia.
Ramariopsis kunzeiivory coral, white coral