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Ascocoryne sarcoidespurple jelly-drops
Bisporella citrinaminute lemon cup, yellow fairy cups
Spores: ellipsoid, medium-sized (8--14 x 3--5 µm), and have one crosswall and two oil drops at maturity
Cenangium ferruginosumpine die-back
Chlorociboria aeruginascensgreen cups, green stain, green wood-cups
Distribution: Broad Across North America, Europe, and Asia
Spores: spores (5--8 x 1--2 µm)
Cudoniella clavus
Distribution: It is widespread, but not particularly common.
Substrate: C. clavus occurs in spring and early summer on very wet plant debris, such as cones and twigs, often at least partly submerged in running water.