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Arrhenia auriscalpium
Habitat: Alpine at high elevations; arctic near sea-level.
Substrate: Soil near minute mosses or the white worm lichen.
Arrhenia chlorocyaneaverdigris navel
Arrhenia lobata
Description: Arrhenia lobata is a moss-associated species often found in fens, along streams, or in association with melting snow.
Habitat: fens, along streams, or in association with melting snow
Substrate: moss
Arrhenia retirugasmall moss oysterling
Description: Arrhenia in the traditional sense includes small, thin, pliable-fleshed mushrooms that are spoon-, petal- or cup shaped, often lobed, and without a stipe or with a lateral one. The fertile surface is smooth, or bears anastomosing veins or blunt gills. They occur on soil or in association with mosses and often can hardly be seen among the mosses when dried. It is widely distributed and can be found in both urban and forested areas.
Habitat: damp woodlands, old lawns, and grasslands
Substrate: moss