goosefoot, lamb's quarters, pigweed
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Chenopodium albumlambsquarters, pigweed
Distribution: Widely distributed throughout Washington; widely distributed throughout much of temperate North America.
Habitat: Widespread weed of disturbed areas, including gardens, roadsides, and waste lots.
Origin: Introduced from Europe, but some populations in the mid-west may be native to North America, according to FNA
Flowers: June-September
Chenopodium atrovirenspinyon goosefoot
Origin: Native
Flowers: June - September
Chenopodium berlandieriBerlandieri's goosefoot
Distribution: Occurring on both sides of the Cascades crest in Washington; Alaska to California, east across North America to the Atlantic Coast.
Habitat: Roadsides, fields, riparian zones, wastelots, and other open areas at low to middle elevations.
Origin: Native
Flowers: August-October
var. zschackei – pitseed goosefoot
Chenopodium fremontiiFremont's goosefoot
Origin: Native
Flowers: June - September
Chenopodium incognitum
Origin: Introduced
Chenopodium leptophyllumnarrowleaf goosefoot
Distribution: East side of the Cascades, British Columbia to Baja California, east to the Mississippi Valley.
Habitat: Deserts and dry grasslands.
Origin: Native
Flowers: May - August
Chenopodium opulifolium
Origin: Introduced
Chenopodium pratericoladesert goosefoot, narrowleaf goosefoot
Origin: Native
Chenopodium ×schulzeanumhybrid goosefoot
Origin: Native
Chenopodium strictumwhite goosefoot
Origin: Introduced from Eurasia
Chenopodium subglabrumsmooth goosefoot
Origin: Native
Flowers: May - August