Draba cana
lance-leaved draba

Distribution: Reported from northern Washington; Alaska to California, east to the Rocky Mountains, northern Great Plains, Great Lakes region, and northeastern North America.

Habitat: On open knolls or dry meadows to rock crevices, from subalpine to alpine.

Flowers: June-August

Origin: Native

Growth Duration: Perennial

Conservation Status: Sensitive in Washington (WANHP)


Perennials, base simple or short-branched; stems 0.6-3.8 dm, branched distally or unbranched, pubescent; trichomes simple, 0.5-1 mm, with 4-10-rayed trichomes to 0.2 mm.


Basal leaves form rosettes, petioles ciliate, blades linear to oblanceolate or oblong, 0.5-3.5 cm long and 1.5-11 mm broad, margins entire or dentate, ciliate near base and apex with simple trichomes less than 1 mm, both surfaces pubescent with short-stalked trichomes with 4-12 rays; cauline leaves 3-10 or less commonly up to 17, sessile, lanceolate to ovate or oblong, margins entire or dentate, pubescent surfaces as basal leaves, simple and forked trichomes beneath near base.


Inflorescence racemose, generally 15-47 flowered, bracteate toward base, usually significantly elongated in fruit, rachis somewhat rigid, densely pubescent, trichomes with 4-10 rays and few simple trichomes; pedicels nearly erect or ascending, straight, 2-5 or sometimes 10 mm, pubescence same as rachis; sepals 4, green or light purple, oblong to ovate, 1.5-2 mm, pubescent with simple and few-rayed trichomes; petals 4, white, narrower toward base, usually 2.3-3.7 mm long and 0.7-1.7 mm broad; anthers 0.1-0.2 mm, ovate.


Siliques 6-11 mm long and 1.5-2 mm broad, generally linear, plane or somewhat twisted, flattened; valves pubescent with 3-7 rayed, short- stalked trichomes; ovaries contain 28-48 ovules; seeds ovoid, 0.5-0.7 mm long and 0.3-0.5 mm broad.

Accepted Name:
Draba cana Rydb.
Publication: Bull. Torrey Bot. Club. 29: 241. 1902.

Synonyms & Misapplications:
Draba breweri S. Watson var. cana (Rydb.) Rollins
Draba lanceolata Royle, misapplied [HC]
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